Agenda of International Conference on

"New Technologies, Hazards and Geoarchaeology"

Athens, Greece






Welcoming Addresses


Erasmus+ and opportunities in higher education
Mavrogiorgou E.


McAgenda Erasmus+ experience: from past to future
Evelpidou N., Kotinas V., Morhange C., Furlani S.


McAgenda Students experience from McAgenda

SESSION 1: New Technologies in Coastal Research
Chairs: Dr. Stefano Furlani, Dr. Giovanni Scicchitano, MSc Vasileios Kotinas

10:30-10:45 Cosmic ray physics meets geology to monitor geohazards in the Aegean: Muon Radiography of critical volcanoes
Athanassas C.D., Kitsaki Ch., Alexopoulos Th., Gika V., Maltezos S.
10:45-11:00 3D Documentation of Keros’ island excavations
Patias P., Georgoula O., Georgiadis Ch., Stamnas A., Tassopoulou M.
11:00-11:15 UAV survey as a tool for coastal boulder movements monitoring: Case
studies in Ionian and Adriatic Sea
Biolchi S., Furlani S., Scicchitano G., Tarascio S., Devoto S., Mazza G.
11:15-11:30 A multidisciplinary study of a sinkhole along the southern marble coast of the island of Paros (Greece)
Furlani S., Antonioli F., Anzidei M., Biolchi S., Canziani F., De Sabata, E.,

Iossifidis T., Kolaiti E., Markovic M., Marino C., Scicchitano G., Taviani M.,
Vaccher V.
11:15-11:30 Discussion
11:30-12:00 Coffee break
SESSION 2: Maritime and Coastal Geoarchaeology
Dr. Kalliopi Baika, Dr. Vasileios Kapsimalis, MSc Alexandra Bivolaru
12:00-12:15 McAgenda Students experience from Maritime and Coastal
Geoarchaeology training schools

Geoarchaeology of Halmyris Roman Garbour (Dobrogea, Danube delta, Romania)
Bivolaru M., Giaime M., Morhange C., Marriner N.


Mid Holocene (6200-2200 BC) Dynamics of Eastern Arabian coast
mangroves by multi-proxy analysis
Thorin S., Berger J.-F., Lopez-Saez J.A., Barra A., Marast A., Beauger A.,

Nisbet R., Charpentier V.


The Israeli coastal wetlands – a unique environment for studying Holocene human settlement patterns for future archaeological prospections in the coastal zone
Sivan D., Shtienberg G.


Was Navigable or not Neda River in Antiquity? A Geoarchaeological
Panagiotakopoulou O., Kontopoulos N., Lambropoulos S., Koutsios A.




Light Lunch

SESSION 3: Relative sea-level changes in Geo-archaeological context
Chairs: Dr. Niki Evelpidou, Dr. Konstantinos Vouvalidis, Dr. Matteo Vacchi
14:00-14:15 McAgenda Students experience from Quaternary GeoEnvironment -
ArchaeoGeomorphology ISP
14:15-14:30 Low sea-level indications during Medieval period in Greece, compared to the Israeli coastal records
Bechor B., Theodoulou T., Spada G., Dean S., Goren H., Sivan D.
14:30-14:45 Relative sea level change along the coast of Campi Flegrei (Naples Italy) from submerged maritime archaeological indicators
Anzidei M., Lambeck K., Benini A., Ricciardi G.
14:45-15:00 A new microfaunal sea-level indicator – transferable to ancient Ainos and Kane (W-Turkey)?
Seeliger M., Feuser S., Frenzel P., Pint A., Pirson F., Riedesel S., Bruckner H.
15:00-15:15 Discussion
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
SESSION 4: Palaeogeographical Reconstruction and Palaeo-Hazards
Dr. Christophe Morhange, Dr. David Kaniewski, Dr. Anna Karkani
15:30-15:45 Reconstruction of the Holocene palaeogeography of Bani Salama (Wadi El-Natrun, Egypt)
Eloshiby G.A., Flaux C., Ashour M., Marriner N., Morhange C.
15:45-16:00 Coastal Constraints to a 18th century seismic disaster in Croatia
Stiros S.
16:00-16:15 Multi-proxy analyses of geo-bio-archives – a key to reconstruct major
environmental changes in the ancient city of Limyra in SW Turkey
Stock F., Symanczyk A., Pint A., Seyer M., Brückner H.
16:15-16:30 Exploring the palaeohydrological effect of the Thera eruption
Theodorakopoulou K., Athanassas C.D., Alcicek M.C.
16:30-16:45 Siltation, contamination, legislation – approaching the management of
environmental and anthropogenic hazards in the antique harbor of
Heiss A.G, Stock F., Bruckner H., Dsikowitzky L., Hassl A., Knipping M., Laermanns H., Pichler B., Pint A., Sauer R., Ladstatter S.
16:45-17:00 Discussion
17:00-17:30 Coffee break
SESSION 5: Disaster and Crisis Management
Session Chairs:
Dr. Efthymis Lekkas, MSc Spiridon Mavroulis
17:30-17:45 McAgenda Students experience from Analysis and Management of
Anthropogenic Natural Hazards and Disasters

Tsunami Risk Assessment in terms of building economic losses using
G.I.S. Tools
Triantafyllou I., Novikova T., Papadopoulos G.A., Santos A.


Damage Assessment Mapping with the use of UAS: The Case of Vrissa Settlement after the June 12, 2017 Mw 6.3 Lesvos Earthquake(Northeastern Aegean Sea)
Mavroulis S., Spyrou N-I., Andreadakis E., Antoniou V., Skourtsos E.,Lekkas E., Karydis P.


Presentation and Dissemination of Scientific Information: The Case of the June 12, 2017 Mw 6.3 Lesvos Earthquake (Northeastern Aegean Sea)
Antoniou V., Mavroulis S., Spyrou N.-I., Bardouli P., Andreadakis E.,Skourtsos E., Kavyris G., Sakkas V.


Remote sensing and GIS tools to evaluate the 4th November 2015 flash
flood disaster- case study in Wadi A-Natrun and Wadi Al-Farigh
Depressions, Western Desert, Egypt
Saleem A.


Poster Session

Using Remote Sensing tool to evaluate flash flood disasters in Egypt
Saleem A.
UAV survey for rock fall characterization in coastal climbing spots: the case study of the “Costiera” cliff (Trieste, NE Italy)
Biolchi S., Boccali C., Furlani S., Tarascio S., Zavagno E., Zini L.
The ancient harbors of cap Bon (Tunisia): geomorphology, climate context and recent discoveries
Trabelsi S., Mrabet A., Morhange C.
New geoarchaeological data regarding Istros (Danube delta, Romania) ancient harbour(s)
Bivolaru A., Bottez V., Morhange C.
Geology and geomorphology of Skyros Island coasts
Liosatou P.E.
Lagoonal archaeological settlements and relative sea level changes. New in Corsica and Sardinia
Vacchi M., Melis R.T, Di Rita F., Ghilardi M.
Sea-level change during MIS 5a based on exposed Coquina, Agiba region, Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Egypt)
Mahmoud A., Saleem A., Zakaria M.
Sinkhole Hazard in the Campanian plain (Southern Italy): The prehistoric case study of Fossa San VitoSanto A., Santangelo N., De Falco M., Di Lorenzo H., Russo Ermolli E.
Morphometrical parameters of the fluvial islands in the Danube river channel (Romania) – Paleogeographical evolution
Grecu F., Ioana-Toroimac G., Hachemi K.
Coastal Palaeogeography of Akrotiri Peninsula, Cyprus
Polidorou M., Evelpidou N.
Age evolution and geomorphic development of Akrotiri promontory Sand dunes, Cyprus
Polidorou M., Evelpidou N.
Beachrocks and relative sea level changes in Okinawa (Japan)
Kawasaki S., Evelpidou N., Economou G., Karkani A., Saitis I.
Geochemistry of beachrocks and their palaeoenvironmental significance: case study Central Cyclades (Aegean Sea)
Saitis I., Gatou M., Koutsopoulou E., Stamatakis M., Anastasatou M.,Karkani A., Evelpidou N.
Palaeogeographic evolution of Paroikia Bay (Paros Island, Greece) during the Late Holocene
Karkani A., Evelpidou N., Giaime M., Marriner N., Maroukian H., Morhange C.

Geomorphological and Sedimentological Characteristics of the Submarine Section in Coastal Zone of Chania Gulf (Crete)
Petropoulos A., Evelpidou N., Kapsimalis V., Anagnostou Ch.

The Urban Geomorphology of New Suburbs, East of Great Cairo, Egypt
Saleem A.
Early warning intelligent system for road transportation risks in Romania
Dobre R., Teodor M., Ilie L., Savulescu I.
Using GIS techniques to create the restrictiveness map for establishing a highway development cost
Dobre R., Teodor M., Ilie L.
The optimization of the artificial snow system for Obarsia Lotrului ski area (Romania) by using fuzzy techniques
Ilie L., Comanescu L., Dobre R., Teodor M.
Creating an analysis model in order to identify solutions for sustainable development for Romanian ski areas
Teodor M., Dobre R., Ilie L.
Earthquake August 2013 at Regini Fthiotis: Damages and restoration course of the area seismic hazard assessment and preparation of the state mechanism
Delaportas G.
Natural hazards response: Data mining and online warning system for flooding prediction. An example from New York State
Kavalieros A.

The August 21, 2017 Mw 4.0 Ischia Earthquake: A Minor Event with High Intensities
Lekkas E., Mavroulis S., Carydis P.

Ground Thermal and Land Surface Temperature of the Volcanic Island Nea Kammeni (Santorini, Greece)
Bardouli P.,Andreadakis E., Nomikou P.

Assessment and Exploitationof Methana Volcanic Peninsula Hiking Trails
Antoniou V.,Nomikou P.,Bardouli P.,Lampridou D., Ioannou T.

Multi-Source data evaluation for TSUNAMI intensity assessment of the KOS - BODRUM 21.07.2017 earthquake
Gogou M., Katsetsiadou N.-E., Lekkas E., Andreadakis E.